Animals that have been killed in the following way may not be eaten by Muslims:

  1. Strangulation – Any animal that has been killed by garroting or by suffocation my not be consumed.
  2. Falling – Any animal that dies as a result of a fall into a gully or ravine may not be eaten.
  3. Beating – Any animal that has been beaten to death by a blunt instrument may not be consumed.
  4. Found Dead – Any animal already found dead may not be eaten.

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A Competitive Advantage

Over the past ten years, Company ”AL-HAQ-HALAL” has built this competitive advantage through experience. ”AL-HAQ-HALAL”  was set up with the idea of intermediate trade on the international market as bridge between corporations in demanding markets.

Its vocation is to provide control over slaughterhouses and meat processing plants as well as the certification of products that are to be consumed by Muslim community.

 Our goal is to meet the needs and requirements of our customers by providing the highest quality products. Meat production is monitored by veterinary services and our control.

Exported products, and those from companies cooperating with us, must be certified by “AL-HAQ-HALAL”.

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Islamic Slaughter & Control


A Halal Certificate ”AL-HAQ-HALAL” is valid only for specific goods that have been produced under the control with specific date. It must contain information such as the number and kind of packages and the total weight.

It provides the guarantee that the product undoubtedly comes from ritual slaughter.

The certification process is strict if it is based on the following principles:

– selection of an animal,

– skills of the ritual slaughterer,

– strict and rigorous control.


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Requirements & Specifications


’’AL-HAQ-HALAL’’ established a Halal Rules Charter of Hygiene and Quality which fulfils basic rules of Islam, Polish law and international regulations. The ’’AL-HAQ-HALAL’’ Rules Charter of Hygiene and Quality contains a description and obligation to follow the halal products control procedure in order for Muslims to be sure that the products they consume meet the principles of their religion. image.png>> REQUIREMENTS & SPECIFICATIONS <<

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Meat Market 2017

Specialized Food Fair Food Market Court 2017 

During Food Market Court meetings of food suppliers with buyers from retail chains are also held  Meat Market 7th March 2017. Company ”AL-HAQ-HALAL” participated in it with great success by presenting the companies concerned, what is Halal Quality System. Meat Market is the most important event in meat industry. 

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 Ptak Warsaw Expo, Warsaw

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